About Us

About Us
PT. Tondiraya Sentosa was established in 1990 to fill the growing demand for Strapping Bands and related industrial packaging materials, equipment and services in Indonesia.


Our highly experienced and qualified support team ensures that our customers get the best industrial packaging products and services.



As a leader in packaging, especially for strapping bands, Tondiraya provides services such as:

  • Consulting Services for packaging application.
  • Packaging machinery sales and service.
  • Maintenance Services for packaging machinery.



I. Marketing and Sales

We serve your packaging needs especially for strapping bands. Our packaging consultants are ready to help assess and fulfil your packaging needs.


II. Production

We produce quality strapping bands for your packaging needs.


III. Trading

 We offer a complete range of packaging machinery for strapping bands such as handtools (manual), semi automatic machines and automatic machines.


IV. Technical

Our after sales service team provides the best maintenance service for your packaging machinery.